Monday, February 22, 2010

What's 15 years in the big scheme....

To finish a quilt? Um, yes, it took that long. Okay, maybe it was 13 years, but, I really think it was 15. My daughter was small, maybe in kindergarten or first grade when I got underway with this. She designed the flower portion for quilting. She called it "lilly" which I found more than appropriate because it reminds me of a water lily.

The quilt pattern is called "Grandmother's Pinwheel" and the quilt design is by my daughter. Each triangle took approximately 35 minutes a piece to quilt. This is hand quilted, but, machine pieced.

Here's another shot with it covering my knee (which is full of dog hair, I'm sure).

This is what a true quilter will look at - the back. It shows the quilting pattern and the stitching itself. Tinier stitches, better quality.
So, even though it took a bit of time to complete, it is one of the first quilts I've ever kept for myself. I usually give them as gifts.

This is my next quilt project which I started oh, about four years or so ago. It's a single irish chain pattern. I've got about a third of it pieced. So, at this rate, this quilt may take 20 years to complete! But, in the meantime, I'll have some kick butt veggies and fruit that I've grown, music I've played with friends and shared with audiences, and quality time spent with my family.
It's all perspective.


  1. It certainly is!

    Your quilt is an amazing feat. All HAND quilted ? Amazing !
    Well done is all I can say!

  2. ...and it should get better looking with every washing. Good luck with the next one. I like the pattern.

  3. I am so impressed. I love the Irish pattern you are working on.

  4. Hi Toni! Thanks for your visit to Mucky Boots Farm. I started a quilt a few years ago when I took a year off work to manage some health issues - I thought of it as my health quilt, and imagined sewing in affirmations for good health with every stitch. I must have felt better really fast, because I sure didn't get very far. So you have my admiration for finishing yours!

  5. That's such a beautiful quilt Toni, a wonderful heirloom to pass down the generations! I love the colours and the single Irish chain pattern of your new one. Impressive work!

    Jeanne x

  6. 15 year???? It's timelessly beautiful nonetheless. I'm sure it will be lovingly passed down from one generation to the next.

    Hopefully your next project won't take more than 10!