Saturday, February 6, 2010

Storm update...

I'm in awe of this storm..
I had to shovel again to get back to the coop. Last night we shoveled about a foot. I just shoveled through waist high snow. So, about 2 1/2 more feet of snow.
I'm happy to say the girls are as snug as a bug in a rug.
Last night, I filled one of the tubs with water as well as the four water fonts for the girls. I figured this way we have four days of water for them.
We brought plenty of wood over for the woodstove and it has done a wonderful job keeping us toasty. I also went on a baking/cooking spree last night because I thought for sure our power would be out by morning.
I made a pot of potato broccoli soup and have some homemade bread to sop it up with, chocolate chip cookies, and cranberry orange bread.

Right now, the hubsters is doing a grand fry-up - eggs and bacon. The smell is wafting down the stairs back to my office. Just the ticket after some hard labor!

I hope to post some more pics later - breakfast is calling at the moment....

Stay warm and safe to all who are dealing with Mother Nature's sense of humor!


  1. Oh my gosh Toni, I've just seen your last post! You really do have snow, don't you!!

    Your feast sounds delicious, hope you will be warm and cosy around the woodburner tonight. I hate to say it but we've had a glorious sunny day here! Eggs and bacon - yum, our weekend treat too!

    Stay safe. Jeanne x

  2. sounds similiar to us last week before the ice storm hit us... It was sort of cozy really with all the wonderful smells from the food and being all snug... we were very fortunate to not lose our power... except for short intervals... wishing you the same... stay warm and safe...

  3. Hello! My name is Alicia-Marie. I found your blog via a comment on Cold Antler Farm. I have been reading the posts since last week. I thought that I would introduce myself.

    I have a weak spot for homemade soup, especially potato broccoli soup on a snowy day. Of course, I am a native New Englander, so I am used to this weather in the winter. But I am looking forward to spring!

  4. Hello everyone,
    Happy to say the snow has stopped and all are safe and warm.
    Jeanne - enjoy your sunny day! I know it won't be long before sunshine and warm breezes.
    Mother Moon - we have been very fortunate to be snug and warm with out any power loss. I am very thankful for that! Thank you for the well wishes!
    Alicia-Marie - thanks for stopping by! I'm sure folks in New England are used to these big ole snows.. are average snowfall around these parts is only 18.5" per year! So, yep, it's a big one for us!
    Isn't Jenna's blog an inspiration! I've been following her for a good bit. She reminds me of myself at that age.. oh no, the cats out of the bag now!
    As always, thanks for the kind words everyone!

  5. mmmmmmmm.... The soup sounds delicious. I'd really like some now. Stay warm!

  6. Sounds like you are set. I'm glad you didn't lose electricity.

  7. i sure know what you are talking about! i love love love snow but i am looking at thousands of dollars in damage which is a real bummer. i loved seeing all the pics of your snow! stay warm!

  8. Callie - the soup was delicious! And we have stayed warm with full bellies through the whole process!
    Becky - yes, we were all set inside, now trying to dig out on the outside. We're supposed to get snow again this Tues. and Wed. ugh!
    Jaz - that is a bummer about all the damage you've gotten out of this storm. All those beautiful mature trees. Makes a heart ache, doesn't it. I always try to think Mother Nature is just doing some pruning.. hard to do when it's that severe, though. Loved your pics too!
    Thanks everyone for the warm thoughts. I'll be posting something a little more cheerful in the next day or two after my muscles no longer feel like rubber!

  9. I'm guessing tomorrow will be a school day??? Don't take this the wrong way but I'm happy that for once we New Englanders were spared a major snow storm. Hopefully, it will all melt away very soon. :)

  10. There's another View from my Window post from lovely Jane at Marigold Jam

    Jeanne x

  11. Thomas - not taken the wrong way at all! I wish it would melt away soon, but, we're in for another 12-18" overnight! I'm happy to share, if you like :-)

    Jeanne - thanks for the heads up on the new view. I'll get something posted soon.

    Thanks guys!