Thursday, February 4, 2010

Updated views and getting ready for another big one...

The views are beginning to expand and we're starting to travel a bit around the globe. Here are two more views for you to start your day.
Pop on over and say hello. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.
A big thank you to everyone who has shared their views with the world. I can't wait to see where else we will travel without any expenses!
Today is a day to go run errands before the snow comes in tomorrow. We're looking at another 20" plus snowfall. This will be the second large storm we've had this year.
We've had quite a bit of precipitation here this winter so far. Just in the last week we've had a 7" snowfall and then 5" again yesterday. Now add the one on the way and it equates to aching body parts! We've been overdue for a bang up winter for several years now. The past 3 or 4 winters have been mild with very little snow accumulations. I know Mother Nature has a sense of humor. Most times I get the joke and can have a good laugh. You know laughing is good for body and soul, so I see an all around benefit here. But, c'mon now - I got the joke. Can we please move on? I know, I know. Be careful what you wish for.....

On a footnote - the chickens are not happy with all this white stuff either. I think they are begining to go a little stir crazy. Can chickens go stir crazy? I guess it beats going to the stir fry!
Me bad. I'll stop now.

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  1. Winter sucks! Okay, I'm sure I could be dealing with what you have. There's only a few small patches from the 3 inches we got last weekend. But that's why I'm here and not there. I like snow, but I couldn't handle all that! I'd go completely insane!