Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just passing through.....

We've had the pleasure of a small flock of Northern Flickers stopping by the homestead during their migration. They seem to be rather shy, so, its taken a couple of days to get some photos.

Aren't they just beautiful? I wish I could have captured a picture of one of them in flight as for their underside is a lovely yellow.

They seem to like my clothesline. Maybe it's the colorful designs the hubster painted on them.

I don't know how long they will hang around, but, I'm sure glad they choose us for a layover!

Just another sign that spring really is on its way - birds on the move!

Not a whole lot going on 'round here. The chickens are still stuck inside their coop, but, they seem to be doing okay. I open the door, they take one look at all the snow still on the ground and they turn their fluffy butts around and head deeper into the coop..

Some friends were able to come over last night to have dinner and then play some tunes. It was a grand evening for sure. It was nice to know that civilization is still out there :-)

I did, however, find out that my fiddle hand was overworked shoveling all that snow. Playing was a challenge - but nothing that a few adult beverages didn't take care of! Purely medicinal - helped to relax those overworked muscles.

That's my story - yeppers - uh huh - sshhh....

I know the dogs won't spill the beans..


  1. The flickers are beautiful birds. I have never seen one except in books or now on your blog. Love your clothesline!

  2. I love your pictures of the flickers. There has been some woodpeckers out on the ground eating the chops. They like that ground corn. They just won't let me get a picture. You did the right thing; you have to have something to relax you poor little over worked hands.

  3. Callie - thanks for the compliment on the clothesline. My husband loves to decorate anything with wacky designs and colors. Must be the Irish in him!

    Becky - I'm glad you like the photos. I was surprised they came out as well as they did.
    And yes, my wrists are so overworked from all that snow... teehee