The Homestead

Hi, y'all and welcome to our little homestead.
We bought our place in March 2006 with the dream of gardens and chickens with maybe a few sheep thrown in for good luck.
So far we have the gardens and the chickens, but, we're still working toward the goal of sheep.

This page will be about the homestead and the dreams and projects we conjure along the way.

The back of the house about a month after we moved in.  This will change a wee bit over the next couple of years.
The view from the back porch taken in September 2006.  You can see the meadow grass starting to grow and we've addes fencing for the dogs.

The paths of the meadow.  We had left over fencing and decided to mark the "entrance" with it graced by some butterfly bushes given to us from our son.

The Homestead Kitchen

 This is our kitchen after a very minor update.  As you can see, it's not very big, but, it gets the job done!  Because we lack counter space, I purchased a roll-a-round kitchen island/cart.  It gives me the extra surface space when cooking large family dinners, I can wheel it onto the back porch for a buffet when we entertain outdoors, and I wheel it next to the stove during canning.

Here's view of the entire kitchen area.  The small door opens to a much needed pantry.

Our kitchen and dining room are combined.  As you will notice, I've added corner cupboard and a huge dining hutch for extra storage.

The updating to the kitchen was minor and cosmetic.  I stripped the wallpaper, painted, updated the lighting fixture and replaced the counters to granite and the backsplash we made from tin ceiling tiles.  We bought energy star appliances when we moved in a couple of years earlier so we didn't have that expense.

This is what the kitchen was like when we moved in except with the new appliances.  I wasn't a fan of pink countertops!

The dining area with a good view of that striped wallpaper!  If you moved your head too fast you'd get a bit woozy!

So, that's the tour of the homestead kitchen.