Saturday, November 28, 2009

Looking back.....

This photo was taken in April 2006, a month after we moved in to our little homestead. Hubsters is tilling the garden - our new garden - for the first time. We were so excited about our little plot of land that even this chore was an adventure.

While he was tilling, I was puttering about doing odds and ends. I came over to see how things were going and my husband stopped tilling for just a moment, turned to me and said " this is home." I'll never forget those words or the look in his eyes. It all felt so right. We've always made where we've lived a home, but, this place has a connection with the land that we've never felt any other place we've lived. It has an energy that both of us picked up on and makes us feel grounded. It's an awesome feeling!

This photo was taken in September 2006 and shows the beginning of the meadow. It's full of summer grass with paths cut throughout for walking. Not much changed the first year of the meadow - no wildflowers or other wild things that grow when you leave the landscape design up to Mother Nature. But, she has re-designed it quite a bit over the last couple of years. That'll be for another post.

We put up the fenced area for the dogs to run and frolic and to keep all the dogs who roam at random out. We have a couple of not very nice dogs about which Finnegan and I discovered about two days after we moved in.

Since we've put the fence in, we now have gardens on either side of it. Actually, we grow most of our berries on the outside perimeters - blueberries, raspberries, and two types of blackberries.

On the inside perimeters we have perennial beds and grasses along with a Japanese Maple which hubsters planted for me this past spring. We fill the bare spots with annuals until the perennials fill in.

Right on the other side of the back fence line is where the new garden, greenhouse, and composting bins will be.

In looking back, we have accomplished so much around our little homestead, but, it feels like only a drop in the bucket. Our problem is we keep thinking of new ideas and projects. Well, it's not fair to say problem. Our creative juices and desire to learn and do new things keeps the ideas and projects rolling. There is always something to learn when growing things whether it be families or flowers.

I don't mind. Learning keeps you young.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Peaceful Fridays.....

With tummies full and cheer spent with family, it's time to relax and take a nap or two.
Have a peaceful weekend, y'all......
(Finnegan - 8 weeks old)
On a footnote - I am doing a happy dance today. I found a backup of my photos up to fall of 2006. I knew I wasn't that much of an idiot.
It's not the bulk of them, but, it's quite a few. I still didn't have my digital SLR yet, just my point and shoot. I also found the backup from the 2009 trip to Ireland. Yeah, it has been a couple of wonderful days. Even the sun came out today to join me in celebration!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gardens and such.....

This pic shows the start of the garden for the 2009 season. This photo was taken in May. Yes, May. We had a very cool, rainy spring. It was, all in all, a very odd gardening year. Well, at least for me. We had to wait for the ground to dry out enough to till and plant. If you look at the tippy top to the right of the tractor you will see the asparagus bed and a small strawberry bed. Typically by this time the strawberries are about to burst and the asparagus is at its peak. Even they lagged behind. I will say, once the asparagus started, it was very productive. The strawberries really didn't do as well as usual. Only enough for some fresh eating - not enough to make jam.

Here we are around mid-June. Everything has been planted, but, harvest time is long off. I didn't harvest broccoli until July. I have never, in all my gardening years, picked broccoli in summertime. I guess I should count my lucky stars that it stayed cool enough to pick.

In this photo (this does not show all of the garden) I have peas and pole beans on the teepees, then lettuce, carrots, onions (lots of onions), broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, two types of potato's, tomato's, two types of bush beans, and snow peas. Out of sight are the various squash plants and flowers. I always plant a couple of rows of flowers for the pollinators. Oh yeah, they're purty too!

Despite the weird climate for the 2009 season, the garden grew beautifully. Not quite as prolific as some years, but, the bounty fed us fresh all summer and allowed me to freeze and can some of it. I really can't complain. Well, I can but, who really listens?

So, here we are in the beginning of November with lots of luverly things left on the garden to slowly compost over the winter and enrich the soil. We have straw from the chickens, compost from the bins, and leaves. They will break down and be tilled in the spring.

This garden will now become the large bed for planting corn and viny things such as lopes and melons.

And this space will be the new garden area with raised bed, new composting system which hubby has already started to build, and the greenhouse. The apple tree stump will become a little table so I can take a rest with a cool refreshment as I toddle along in the gardens.

Granted, it has a long way to go. We need to get a permit for the greenhouse - it's only 8 x8 , but, that's the county code, fence off the area, and put all the beds in. I want to move the rain barrel to this location next to the greenhouse. Large dreams here. But, that's okay. Without dreams and hopes where would we be? Probably have a lot more change in the bank, but, what the hay!

Today the hubsters and I are off to a concert to see Cherish the Ladies. A total chill day. Maybe some wine and a little soak in the hot tub later. Yup, this day is looking as good as my garden and garden to be. Now go and enjoy yours!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Peaceful Fridays.....

As you choose your path this weekend, may it lead to a place of self.

It may lead to a place of quiet reflection... but, always remember as you wander your path, there is someone who loves you and is waiting....

Waiting unconditionally for your return - even if you've strayed from your path.

Waiting without judgement or criticism and holding joy for your return.

Have a peaceful weekend, y'all.......

Friday, November 13, 2009

Peaceful Fridays.....

Smile! Father Nature is watching you!
He knows what's in store for you this weekend.

Even Henry and his beloved pet knows what's in store for you this weekend.....

A roaring fire in the woodstove, quilts to wrap up in, stories, music, and a good bottle of merlot.

Have a peaceful weekend, y'all.........

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Did someone mention something about folk music....

When it comes to music, I need to absorb it several different ways. First, I have to hear it. I have to be able to hum it in my head - repeatedly. Actually, that's a good thing. Folk music is aural. Passed on from generation to generation by nothing more than the sheer sound of it. What makes it folk music is each individuals interpretation. The basic melody pretty much stays the same. It's all in the ornamentation. I may play a roll, you may slide or double stop. It's all good. That's why it's folk or traditional. That's why I love it. You can hear the same tune played in so many ways - all beautiful, all that persons interpretation.
Secondly, I have to hear it. Are we starting to see a pattern here? I need to lilt it - out loud - humiliation aside - balls to the wind lilting.
Thirdly, I need to play it. Over and over and over. Each time through, you hear something different, hear the pause for adding your touch - should I grace this note? can I roll this? can I connect these notes with the bow? Ah, yes, I can. And the great thing is, the next time through, you will hear and add something different! How can you not love this?

I am a fiddler of three years. I am truly in the infancy of the instrument. I want to grow with my fiddle - all through toddlerhood, puberty, and into adulthood. I have found an instrument with such a voice that I sometimes feel not worthy of being able to see it to its full potential. But, you know what, I am. I am in there until the end. I want to play it with grace and with fire. I want to make it and myself weep with longing and dance with happiness.
Come along on the ride - the view from the window can be spectacular.
I think I'll go play a tune now - just for the sheer happiness of doing so.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Peaceful Fridays....

Shane the ruler is watching you.
He wants you to know everything is cool.
Have a peaceful weekend, y'all......

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wow, it happens so fast......

In a blink of an eye it disappears - and the next thing you know, it's winter. I can't believe how fast the fall season is passing! Grant it, I've been sick for most of it, but, even still - wow!
You can see the farm behind us now since most the leaves have fallen at the tree line. I'll miss the privacy the tree line has given me through the warm season. It gives me a false sense of security in an ever increasing unsecure world. Sometimes you just need to feel wrapped in nature and this place sure can give you that in the summer. But......

without the falling of the leaves and the changing of the seasons, I would forget that my little fairy who flies from one of our trees is there, always, at the ready to sprinkle the day with a little fairy dust and mischief to go with it.
She'll stay here all through the cold season to remind me that we should embrace all mother nature gives us, everyday, no matter how bitter the wind blows or how relenting the summer sun can be. Take each day as a gift and relish in it.