The Gardens

Here you will find pics of the gardens. Just a taste of how the gardens have grown and changed here at the homestead.
Click on the pictures for a larger view.  

This was the garden area the first year in the house.  I don't have many pics of the garden this year because we didn't have much time since we had just moved in. 
The area was more of a firewood staging place with a garden plot next to it.
 Our first tilling.
 The only veg I took a picture of this year.

I can't find any garden pics for this year.  Still digging.  Stay tuned.



This is the year the garden grew and we added laying hens into the mix.  You'll see coop and run construction in a couple of these photos. 
The boards are lain between rows to walk on as to not compress the soil as much if you trod on it with boots.  Works great.  We got the idea from one of our all time favorite show - The Good Life, starring Felicity Kendall and Richard Briars.

This is the year we added a entirely new garden area that is exclusively raised beds.  In the fall of this year, the greenhouse was erected here at this garden site.

The 2011 gardens as of June.
Come on in....

The large garden has corn, potato's, and butternut squash.
Really, it's there :-)