Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wow, it happens so fast......

In a blink of an eye it disappears - and the next thing you know, it's winter. I can't believe how fast the fall season is passing! Grant it, I've been sick for most of it, but, even still - wow!
You can see the farm behind us now since most the leaves have fallen at the tree line. I'll miss the privacy the tree line has given me through the warm season. It gives me a false sense of security in an ever increasing unsecure world. Sometimes you just need to feel wrapped in nature and this place sure can give you that in the summer. But......

without the falling of the leaves and the changing of the seasons, I would forget that my little fairy who flies from one of our trees is there, always, at the ready to sprinkle the day with a little fairy dust and mischief to go with it.
She'll stay here all through the cold season to remind me that we should embrace all mother nature gives us, everyday, no matter how bitter the wind blows or how relenting the summer sun can be. Take each day as a gift and relish in it.

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