Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New view from the kitchen...

We've got another wonderful view to go take a peek at:

Jane at Marigold Jam was kind enough to put up lovely views of her garden. I wish I were toddling around her gardens today, that's for sure!

We are currently in blizzard conditions here. I know we are not alone and that this storm is travelling north. I do hope everyone stays safe.

For those of you who do winter gardening in hoop houses, how do they fair when the weather gets this nasty? Do you have to go knock snow off the hoops or do they do okay under the weight? What about those of you who have small greenhouses?

It's hard for me to envision the growing season when we are covered in so much white. Even just laying out the gardens with pen and paper is hard to come to my thoughts right now.

I really need to get my leeks started. My motivation in doing so is blowing in the blizzard outside my door. But, I know, in due time, all will be green again.

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  1. what a beautiful basket of crook necks... oh to have some fresh vegetables from the garden.... Sights like this always make me long for summer.... stay warm in all your cold weather..