Monday, February 1, 2010

Octoberfarm's view from the kitchen.....

Today's view from the kitchen is brought to you by Jaz over at Octoberfarm.

And what a view it is! Take a hop on over to her blog and check it out, but, fair warning, her recipes will make you hungry!

Also, while you're out cruising blog land, don't forget to stop by two other view participants, Callie at Chickens on the Porch and Jeanne at Tales from a Cottage Garden and check out their views.

Tonight I will start planting my lettuce seeds since we've gotten the lighting situation under control for the lettuce table. This is the set-up I'm going with.

I've never used the jiffy pots with the expando peat/soil mix. I'm torn, so, I'll plant some in the jiffy mix and some in the Johnny's seed starting mix. I've got several different varieties of lettuce to plant - from Johnny's I have Flashy Trout Back, a variegated red romaine, and their five star greenhouse mix which has seven or eight varieties included in the pack. From Seeds of Change I have their Butterking and Sweet Valentine. I've grown both of these varieties with great success.

Time to put on some music that tickles of Spring and all the promise of her coming and get my hands dirty!!


  1. That is a very pretty picture from the kitchen window.

  2. Whenever something mentions starting seeds, it makes me feel a bit anxious. I have to remind myself that Maryland is a bit warmer than Massachusetts!

  3. This is going to be fun watching the lettuce grow.

  4. Great kitchen window view! Your lettuce table is such a good idea - happy seeding!

    Jeanne x