Friday, February 5, 2010

Peaceful Fridays.....

This is Dick, a curmudgeon of a fellow. He's typically a grumpy sort.
I tried to cheer Dick by painting lovely ivy vines around his head so he could feel he was communing with the natural world.
Alas, Dick was still grumpy. But, wait - am I seeing a laugh here instead of a harrumph?
Could it really be Dick is smiling?
What do you think?

Hey, if Dick can smile, shouldn't we all?

Have a peaceful weekend, y'all........


  1. I like his jowly cheeks and I think there's the beginning of a smile there ...

    You have lots of snow there - what a good excuse for a cosy weekend at home. Have a lovely one!

    Jeanne x

  2. Hello there! Just popped in to say 'hello'. What a lovely blog! Enjoy the weekend. Ros

  3. Jeanne - as long as we don't have a power cut it will indeed be a great weekend at home! Minus the shoveling, of course.

    snoopydog - thanks for popping by. I love Oscar! Enjoy him - he'll grow to a big dog before you know it!

  4. Maybe the ivy is tickling him so much he is crying out for it to stop? LOL Cute little fellow.