Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm glad the fae love irish music....

The reason I'm glad faeries love irish music is because I get to play music at this wonderful festival!
This festival is held the first weekend in May and is held at and for Spoutwood Farm.
Spoutwood Farm is a CSA and educational farm in Glen Rock, PA - about a 1/2 drive from where I live. This is one of their biggest fund raisers of the year.
My husband and I started going to the festival a few years back just to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, not to mention great vendors, musicians, and the cream of the crop when it comes to costumes! We'd sit for hours and just be amazed at the imagination folks put into their "fairy wear".
The festival started as a private party for about a hundred close friends and has turned into about 16,000 passing through the farm for the weekend.
The festival goers range in age from infants to folks well into their 80's plus! Some dress, some don't.

They have so many activities, especially for young children.
Above was an orchestrated equestrian May Pole dance!

The costumes are colorful and no two are alike.

They have tons of music with drumming circles, harpers, celtic bands, gypsy music, bellydancers, and of course irish music!

One of the things that everyone seems to enjoy is the bubble machine. Ain't nothing like doing the chicken dance with a bunch of bubbles floating all around you!

One of my most favorite things is the parade of the Green Men. These guys put a lot into their little parade through the farm. They even a have their own song they sing as they parade around..
It's kinda cute to see these big, burly guys walking around with a bunch of leaves and bushes on their heads!

If you've never been to a faerie festival - go. I guarantee you will have a blast.
If you can find one that supports a good cause, even better.

For more photo's, go to Spoutwood Farm's
website. Grab a cuppa and relax while you browse.


  1. What great pictures and it looks like great fun. I've never been to a faerie festival; I'll have to look for one.

  2. so you are getting hit too. stay warm and enjoy your chicken soup! the snow should be starting here momentarily. i bought a fabulous celtic hammered dulcimer last summer. now i just have to learn to play it!

  3. Thank you for posting this. I didn't even know there were faerie festivals. We do have festivals around here that have to do with medevial times. Love the green men.