Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thoughts and prayers....

to the miner's and their families in Chile. May the rest of the rescues go smoothly and bring forth healthy men.....

Cheers to all involved in the rescue efforts...


  1. I had to laugh though at them arguing who would be last. I wouldn't have had to think about it!
    Still, I'm glad to have good news for a change. Thank God. ♥

  2. Against all odds, what a wonderful news story that turned out to be!

  3. Isn't it great to have a good news story for once. Hopefully with the help of their families they can come to terms with their ordeal and move on - one thing is for certain -they're lives will never be the same again...


  4. I watched some of the rescue this morning. What a miracle.

  5. This has been wonderful and so heartwarming to watch as they were reunited with family members--The doctor I work for to let us watch it on one of the computers at work today--We had it on all day and were glued to it in between patients--What did you think of the miner whose wife AND girlfriend were there together when he came to the surface?

  6. Kim- I think he has some 'splainin' to do!

    Amen to your thoughts, Toni!

  7. I'm so happy everyone is out safe and sound. They still have a long road a head of them...

    Kim - that was just too much! Actually, the wife stayed home and the lover was at the site. Bet the wife is having those mixed emotions - you know kinda like when your kid doesn't show up by curfew. You're worried to death for them, but, once you find out they are fine you want to kill them...

    It's nice to see that other fellow bloggers had these men and their families on their minds. The world is so full of self-centered people now-a-days.