Friday, October 1, 2010

Peaceful Fridays.....

The storms have blown through and it's shaping up to be a beautiful weekend here in the Mid-Atlantic.

Go for a lazy drive, enjoy the scenery, and have some time with the ones you love along the way - whether they be two or four legged.
Either way, you'll be spending time with someone you love.

Be daring and bring a picnic lunch....
Have a peaceful weekend, y'all........

*photo taken at Mabry Mill, Blue Ridge Parkway*


  1. Very sage advice! I love today's picture- very pretty.

    Have a great weekend Toni!

  2. Thanks, Toni. Same to you! :)

  3. Wasn't it just a perfect day, especially after yesterday!! Enjoy your weekend, fall is here to stay! :-)))