Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's a beautiful day.....

After working in the garden some yesterday morning then spending most of the afternoon in the kitchen putting up carrots, I've decided I've had enough of looking at orange produce and need to get out and about! So, the hubsters and I are off for a stretch of the legs, some farm fresh produce, workshops, and someone else playing music at Spoutwood Farm's Sixth Annual Mother Earth Harvest Festival. I'll be taking my camera with me so maybe I'll have some fun photo's to post tomorrow. In the meantime, go enjoy the beautiful day!


  1. what a wonderful idea.. it looks to be loads of fun... wish we had more of such things near us... enjoy and be sure and post pictures..

  2. Sounds like a wonderful event to visit. Have a great day! Can't wait to see the photos :)

  3. Hope you had a good day, I look forward to the pics. Very rainy day here in Wales.

  4. A great idea Toni - hope you had a good day - look forward to seeing some photos.

    Not much gardening this weekend after all - too wet here ...!