Sunday, October 24, 2010

A beautiful Sunday.....

Well, we've gotten the back panel of the greenhouse assembled so far. It is an erector set, but, I have to admit, the instructions are spot on.
It's exciting to see it start to come together.

The greenhouse is 8 x 8, which will be plenty large enough for me to grow things through the cold season for the two of us. And, to be quite honest, it's all I have time for. Nonetheless, I'm still pretty excited. Did I mention I'm excited!

I guess I ought to curb my enthusiasm just a little. We still have a ways to go!

I've been working in the garden all morning cleaning beds and adding compost so I can plant my garlic. Some of the beds weren't used this season so I decided that's where I'll plant them. I had to pull a fair amount of crab grass out of the beds, but after that, I just use my trusty stirrup hoe and it fluffs up like a dream. I spread a bag of organic leaf compost on each bed and once that dries a little, I'll hoe again, then the beds should be go to go!

My tomato's finally decided to produce (in October!), but, they all have blossom end rot and they are teeny tiny. To small to bother with really, so the chickens are having a party getting fresh tomato's everyday. Spoiled chickens!

Speaking of the girls, I'm finally experiencing the first moult. They are not looking too attractive right now! Egg production is way down - maybe an egg or two every other day. I knew this would happen so I've been keeping some reserves on hand so I hopefully won't run out!

Finally, it seems that fall is starting to show some color around here! I think it will be a fast display of color before all the leaves tumble to the ground. Then comes collecting and chopping all those leaves to make beautiful leaf compost!

I'll be announcing the winner of the blogiversary drawing tonight, so, if you haven't entered yet, you still have time. Just become a follower and then leave a comment!

Back to mowing.


  1. Hey Toni! I thought of you earlier today when I was over at the Sheetz in Brunwick and saw a few people dressed for a Renaissance fair--I wondered if one of the was you--Now I know it wasn't, you were home putting together this amazing greenhouse together! I'm so glad it's coming together so smoothly and I hope that continues!!

    By the way, you asked about my flannel PJ's when I encountered the hunters--They are dark gray with pink mice on them--Add to my ensemble, barn shoes and an old denim jacket--It did give me a little grin, because it added to the image of me being crazy! :-)))

  2. That greenhouse will be perfect for early starting all your plants.
    I had an inexpensive plastic one a few years ago and put it in a sunny corner and had fresh leaf lettuce the end of March.

  3. The greenhouse looks like it will be so much fun to use. Our chickens are not laying either. Thank you for your comments on my blog. I'm feeling better.