Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The train is still on the tracks.....

I'm happy to report that no train wrecks or de-railments happened on Monday night playing for the Old Line Statesmen. In fact, the true beauty of music shone.
We performed for them and after we were done, we were treated to old-fashioned barbershop singing. A chorus of twenty men or so sang beautiful Christmas songs. When they were done, the director turned to us and said "now that's barbershop at its best".
This just enforces my belief that music transcends politics, religion, and race. It's why I love music and why I love to play music. When I took a good look around the room, there were maybe a handful of folks my age. I can say that positively no one in that room shared my religious beliefs or probably my political beliefs. I don't care. I wasn't there to debate or discuss. I was there for one purpose - to share my love of music. And sharing the music is what I and my fellow bandmates did. I think everyone in that room left with a smile on their face and a song in their heart. Like I said before, how can you not love that!

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