Saturday, December 12, 2009

Simplify - really??.....

One word that says a whole lot. One word that is a constant goal for our lives. One word that can be so hard to achieve.

Now I know one can't make their mind up one day and say "tomorrow we simplify our lives" and then by the twitch of a nose it's magically done. I know it's all about small steps and actions to reach the whole. I also know that it is not all that easy of a task because of many factors.

For example, for years I worked two jobs, sometimes as much as 70 hours a week. I also continued to clean the house, cut the grass, grow a garden and tend flower beds, care for three high maintenance dogs, yada, yada, yada. You get the picture. So, after a big scary leap, I dissolved one of the businesses and now have a 40 hour work week. Okay, the first step towards obtaining my goal of simplicity. I had visions of more than sugar plums running through my head - I finally saw some of my long time dreams coming to fruition. And some of them have. Chickens for one. Playing more music is another. Larger gardens, more preserving, painting, photography, hiking, cooking more from scratch (although I have pretty much always done so), more time for my husband and I - just to wind down, have a glass of wine with no where to go.

But, time doesn't equal simplicity - not on the whole, at least to me. It's more of being not so caught up in the rat race you forgot why you were even running. It's about remembering the basics in life. It's kinda funny in a way - when I was in my early 20's, I had next to no extra money and my lifestyle was that of which a lot of folks are trying to achieve today - this simplicity thing. I didn't look at it as living simply, I was just somewhat cash challenged. But, I was incredibly happy. Then I, just like the rest of my peers, started the I wants instead of sticking with the I need. It has taken a while to put on the brakes and get back in the slow lane, but, I guess the important thing is, I've realised this.

So, what brings the rant of simplicity? Living simply is time consuming - this is not a complaint, just my observation. But, over the last couple of months I find myself being baited and wanting to be not so simple and take the easy way out. Holiday stress - too many things to do, too many places to go, all self induced and not wanting to miss one of them.

Maybe someone was trying to tell me something yesterday morning. I got locked in the chicken coop. I got locked in a building that has a clasp with a turn key. How in the hell did that happen? I admit with a bit of shame I panicked for a moment. It was 23 degrees and my husband was still asleep. It would have been a while before he figured out something was amiss. So, after about 10 minutes of standing there in the coop, all on my lonesome, I had to figure a way out with the least amount of damage to the coop. The trap door for the chickens is 12". No way I was gonna fit thru there. Windows? I really did not want to take that route. So, three hard body slams to the door and part of the moulding gave way and with it one side of the latch. Thankfully it came off in one piece and was not hard to repair. The latch is a little on the damaged side, but, still works.

So, I took this as a swift kick to take a deep breath and get back on track. No whining, no excuses. Maybe even a thank you to the universe for being on my side. Hmm, it's good to know you're covered!

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