Sunday, December 27, 2009

Grow It Eat It......

Yesterday was a totally lazy day. I did tidy up around the cottage a bit, but, myself and "Queen" Nuala did this most of the day. She just chillin' and enjoying the woodstove, I taking time to do research on the computer and get re-aquainted with an old friend.

Hello, guitar, remember me? I've neglected thee since I've picked up playing the fiddle.

I made a wonderful discovery while checking into the Cooperative Extension's website. I did not realize they were even doing this program.

I use the online resources from our Extension Office quite often. I check every year on the Master Gardener Program because I would love to do this. The problem I run into is that for my county, they typically do the classes on a weekday. Well, hello, I still have to work for a living.... but, maybe for 2010 it will be different. They still don't have the 2010 schedule for my county, but, all the other counties do. Hmm, we are an agricultural county - c'mon folks!

So in the midst of looking at the Master Gardener Program I saw this link on the sidebar with a little map with dots all over it. I clicked, read, and was hooked. What a fabulous idea! The State of Maryland is trying to promote home produce gardening. They have a vision of 1 million food gardener's producing their own affordable, healthy food. You can check it out for yourself here.
Now I will say this hasn't been promoted very well for it appears they started the program for the 2009 season. This may explain why there are only 3,251 participants to date. So folks, spread the word and let's get this party started! If you're not a Marylander, check to see if your local Cooperative Extension office may have a similar program. It all starts with you, one person, to help others get the gardening bug. It can be as small as a container on a porch or you can fill every inch of your plot of land. It's all good !
Okay, I'll stop preaching. Back to your regularly scheduled program... ;-)
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