Friday, December 4, 2009

The Meadow 2009.....

Here is the meadow as of June 2009. Mother Nature has had three years to do some landscape design of her choosing. The large white pine that is dead center has grown to such an enormous size I fear during the next wet snow or ice storm it will bring it down all together. It's not that it has grown so much taller as it has wider which I think throws it kinda askew - wanky, if you will. It's been pruned by the weather earlier this year with a terrific ice storm which broke off many of its large branches.

Ragweed and queens anne lace bloom throughout now come late summer. Wild roses, honeysuckle, and numerous trees have begun to grow. There are plenty of flowers that I haven't identified yet growing too.

I walk through the meadow almost everyday to see what is buzzing about and what four legged creatures have come to bed down for the evening. Deer, fox, rabbits, moles and voles have all made a home for the night here at Mother Nature's Inn. They never overstay their welcome and leave little trace they were even here. Birds, bees, snakes, and dragonflies (the fae) work daily here - going about their busy day only to pause to look at me as I look at them. We've even had a visit from the cattle from the farm behind us come to see what all the buzz about this "meadow" is and why everyone comes to visit..

Here are some of the berries planted at the fence line I referred to in a previous post. I have two types of blackberries planted - Arapaho and one other I can't recall the name at the moment. One raspberry bush and four blueberry bushes finish out the edibles on this side of the fence. I also have some perennial grasses, honeysuckle, and roses we transplanted from another part of the property along with the wisteria which is being trained on the trellis over the entrance gate.

Here's a view of the beginning of the inside of the fenceline showing the wisteria overshadowing the shasta daisies and the black-eyed susans. We're working on the training that wild wisteria. It'll take a couple of seasons to get it right, but, once it's headed in the right direction, what a welcome it will be to all who pass through that gate!

And finally, this little place is my studio. Well, it's a shed really, but, studio sounds much nicer, doesn't it? I have some comfortable furniture, exercise equipment, my paints and easel, a table for crafts and sewing, and a tv with a dvd player for pilates or bellydance. I also have a small, portable stereo for relaxing tunes or guided meditation. It's my "pad" - no boys allowed unless invited. A retreat without ever leaving the homestead. The view out of the windows looks into the fenced area of the backyard straight at the gazebo and fish pond area. It also faces the rising sun - namaste.......

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