Thursday, December 10, 2009

The chickens aka "the girls"....

Six little peeps all in a box. I was petrified I would kill them. I watched over them like a sentinel, watching my post as any proud parent. I checked the thermometer constantly like I was baking a prized birthday cake - making sure it wasn't overdone or browning at the edges. I wondered if they were cold or hot, thirsty or hungry. I checked their vents to make sure no clogging was going on. I felt so responsible for these teeny lives, not wanting to fail knowing I was their source of being.

Well, needless to say, I didn't kill them! They continued to thrive and do what chickens do best - eat and poo. Here we have a Barred Rock at about three weeks. Goofy looking thing, isn't it?

Here's one of the White Rocks at about three weeks. And, yes, I was posing them. Don't ask my why, I just did. I was using creative license - or I'm just plain weird. I'm okay with that!

The girls are out growing the brooding box and are getting ready for the big move to their new home. They know somethings up. They are all giving me "the eye" (those of you who have chickens know exactly what I'm talking about) and a little lip to go along with it.

Into the dog crate for transport and.....

the first peek at the new digs.

No one wanted to be first. We waited like anxious parents sending their first born off for the first big day of school. And we waited, and waited.....

so we finally had to physically take one out of the dog crate. That is all it took. The rest followed in pursuit of the brave chicken who hadn't a choice to see the new nest.

They seemed to like this new, big home of theirs. The roosts were an immediate hit. Better birds eye view from up here.

The chicken parents were all fluffed and proud. The little brood was growing up. No more sentinal shift changes, no more thermometer checks, no more listening to the wee little peeps chirp away gleefully as they explored and grew. They were now big birds and settling into their new apartment. Maybe we would get invited for dinner and asked for ideas for decorating their new place.

Still exploring the new digs. Oh, where shall we put the flat screen?

The new nesting place. We want to make a sign to hang on the coop that reads - "The girls - it's a chick thing". They've been settled for months now and have decorated the place with some groovy nesting boxes and bins for feed. Green is a recurring theme.

That's a good thing because natural is good.

I tease and jest a bit, but, in all honesty this has been one great adventure for us. The birds seem content and are still laying almost daily for us despite the fading light and wet weather we seem to have all the time. If they continue to lay through winter, we'll count it as a gift. If they choose to go on vacation, well, hurray for them. I know they'll be back.


  1. Nice hen house! I'm still thinking about it. Not this year though- don't want to bite off more than I can chew!

  2. Hahaha! I loved reading this, and as a former pet-chicken-owner, I immediately recognized The Eye. I then had a gigglefit.
    Soon, after almost ten years of no little peeps, I'll be back into the sentinel watch, the frantic checks, the "mama chicken" croons.