Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sharing the holiday - no chickens were harmed in the making of this post....

This year we decided to opt for something different. Instead of a tree, we decorated a holly bush! It too, will serve dual purposes - once to brighten our home and second to add beauty to our yard. But, fair warning, it can be a wee bit edgy to decorate!

Decorations are simple and mostly home made. Here is one of the cinnamon ornaments I mentioned in a previous post.

Salt dough ornaments, homespun fabric tied into bows, strung wooden beads, and various birds finish off our simple holiday bush. No lights. We didn't think it would need them.

Our Yule log for the year. We get our greens from the property - this year white pine, cedar, and holly. My husband and I share this holiday with just the two of us. The rest of the family we will celebrate with on Christmas Eve. It gives us time to reflect and be thankful.

And to finish off our Yule evening, meringue cookies! They melt in your mouth and are easy to make, too. What made them even more delectable is fresh eggs from the girls. Thanks ladies!
So, the rest of today is making cookies and candy for the family celebration tomorrow. Everyone will be here with their assorted significant others which only makes the day more special.
Speaking of the girls, they are not to fond of all this "white stuff". They have opted to stay in the coop, thank you very much. They did venture out today very briefly because I threw some scratch out on the ground to lure them out. Quick treat and back in the coop. Maybe they aren't as dumb as some folks make them out to be!
Back to baking with the hounds at my side. Have a great Christmas!

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  1. mmmmm! Those cookies look delicious. Merry Christmas!