Thursday, April 29, 2010

Got wings?.....

My wings are precariously balanced on my handbag. They are warming up and getting ready to spread wide this weekend. They will be joined by many other wings of all shapes, colors, and sizes. They can barely contain their excitement because..........

soon, this masked man will be calling all Faeries, young and old, to come celebrate.
It's time for the Spoutwood Farm May Day Faerie Festival!

You can read a little blog post I wrote about this wonderful festival here
Better yet, you can visit the farm's website here

Our little group will be entertaining the Fae on Saturday and Sunday whilst roving the farm.
You know, it's all about keeping the Fae happy. So, we do our small part and play some Irish music for them because after all, the Fae love Irish Music.
And, if the Fae is happy, Mother Nature is happy and you know - it's not nice to fool Mother Nature.
On a more grounded note, I'm going to try and take my camera to get some photos, and, if I do, I'll be happy to share. Maybe even a pic of the hubsters and I in our best Faerie garb. Just promise you won't laugh too hard!



  1. i hope you do take some photos, id love to see them. I hope you have a great time Saturday and Sunday. it sounds like alot of fun.

  2. I wish I lived in your neighbourhood!

  3. Wow!!! Be sure to post follow up pictures, this is really cool!! :-)))

  4. Have you ever read the book "The Magic of Findhorn"? I think you'd like it....