Friday, April 16, 2010

Peaceful Fridays.....and the winner is....

My heart bleeds sore because I could only have hubsters draw one name out of the hat...
Sorry, I know that statement is really corny. I couldn't help myself.
And the winner is:
Miriam at Mucky Boots!
Please contact me with your mailing address (you can use the email me in my profile) and put your blog name in the subject line.
Thanks to all who participated in my 100th post drawing.
Now, for this peaceful Friday, don't let your heart hang heavy - it's the weekend, afterall!
Have a peaceful weekend, y'all............


  1. You have a blessed weekend, too, Toni. :)

  2. Pretty! And congratulations to Miriam!

  3. Congratulations to Miriam. Have a good weekend yourself!


  4. Congrats to Miriam!!

    THANKS again for the healing thoughts for Hamlet!! I'm so glad your boy did well with his dental!! I think it says a lot about people when they open their heart and home to an older dog--I'm glad he found his way to you!! :-) Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. What pretty flowers and congrats to Miriam.