Thursday, April 1, 2010

This and that....

I had a visitor today. She came bolting out of my studio as I was walking by, startling me. I wasn't expecting to see a pussy cat come flying by!

She's a pretty girl, but, she must belong to someone as for she came to me when I called her. It was a great feeling to be petting a cat again. I haven't had cats in years.

She decided to stick around and watch me do some surveying of my berry bushes. It was nice to have some feline company for a bit. She headed back to where she came from as soon as she saw the hubsters.. oh well. Maybe she'll visit again.

The blueberries are budding nicely. No signs of disease so far.

The raspberry is doing fine too!

This is the reason the shed/studio doors were open. Hubster had tilled the garden and a couple of days later we discovered that the gas tank had emptied itself on the floor of the shed. Talk about stink! So, we've been airing them out hoping it dries. It was too late to put anything down to absorb it - it had already soaked into the wood floor.

Speaking of the hubsters - I think he needs some tractor driving lessons. Does the clothesline look a little droopy to you? Oops - he backed right into the post.
We've got it temporarily supported until we can pull it out and re-cement it. I cannot not use the clothesline. What better way to save energy and have the best smelling laundry on the block! Ain't nothing like getting into bed at night under sun dried sheets. It's an olfactory lullaby!


  1. Want a kitty? We had three born yesterday! Gotta get them homes when they are weened. We use our clothes line in the spring, summer, and fall. Winter is just too cold and/or wet. We don't have any berry bushes. Maybe this year, but we will have to see. Farmer plowed our garden. Now we just gotta get it rowed up. Have a happy Easter!

  2. The berry bushes look great. Ooops, accidents will happen.

  3. For some reason, I really like hanging wash out on the line. It makes you stop and feel the breezes and listen to the birds and enjoy the sunshine.

    Otherwise you're just chucking sodden laundry into a machine and hurrying to the next chore.

    Clotheslines rock.

  4. I had to grin when I read your post about the cat--That was how we ended up with our 2nd cat--He just showed up and acted like he had always lived with us...Kinda like this one did! Let us know if you catch a glimpse of her again!
    You are so right about hanging sheets out to dry too--There's no fabric softener that can top that sun-dried-smell!