Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day....

The wisteria is slowly starting its summer climb and will soon also be a symbol of peace for those who come through our gate.

Its blooms this year are large and fragrant making all of us, large and small truly appreciate them.

The candytuft's delicate blooms are gracing the fish pond with their beauty - albeit briefly.

The creeping phlox surrounds the gazebo area with its flashy show of color.

I think the lilac wanted to color coordinate with the creeping phlox so your eye is magically drawn to the area they reside.

The laurel is in bloom and is hosting many parties for all their winged friends. Free food and drink for all the busy bees.

And, the rare spotting of the fleshy handbird. Folklore has it if you spot one of these, your gardens will be blessed with a bountiful harvest. Boy, I sure am one lucky gal to have had the occasion to spot this rare bird! hahaha
I don't know about y'all, but, everyday is Earth Day for me and has been for a long time.
Now, go hug your Mother....


  1. Oh it all looks lovely. I'm amazed how quickly Spring happens once it gets started. I love, love love wisteria and the smell.... mmmmmm. It really is the symbol of Spring to me.

  2. Your garden looks amazing - what a difference a month or so makes - I remember all that snow you had!

    Happy Earth Day to you too! I meant to do a post but I've been so busy with work again - I may just pop some photos on later.


  3. Gorgeous garden, great photos, interesting wildlife - fleshy handbird indeed! You are clearly a woman who knows how to have fun!

  4. Happy Earth Day to you, too. :)

  5. I missed this post somehow, so I'll just wish you a "Happy Belated-Everyday is Earth Day" to you too! Great pictures that show that it was an enjoyable day! Also seeing that "fleshy handbird" on Earth Day has to be a good omen!!!