Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things are blooming and growing....

Nature is still doing her thing and life is bursting with color and fragrance!
She's a busy bee, Mother Nature, and unfortunately, I've been a busy bee, too and lagging behind in posts and reading everyone's blogs...

But, even though I've been too busy, thankfully my veggies have been able to continue to do their thing!

Everything is growing lovely and most everything (or the rest of, I should say) with the exception of warm month veggies will get into their proper place this weekend, weather permitting.

You see, my friends and I have to start making time for the faeries - they'll be wanting a lot of our attention next month. And you know it's not nice to make the fae mad. ;-~ but, more on that later.
In the meantime, go and enjoy your hump day.


  1. lovely pictures.... I have so enjoyed watching all the flowers and such come out

  2. oh you are so right about the fairies. I have been working endlessly in my gardens as I too do not want to piss the fae off :) Wonderful photos!

  3. I don't know who or what brought all the colors and green, but I'm so glad it's shown up!! Now if we can just get rid of the nip in the air, we'll be okay!! Enjoy your Wednesday too!!

  4. The weather is looking good here again for this weekend. For the past few years April has been a wonderful month but somehow it all then goes downhill as the summer comes along, but I digress ...! I'm intrigued about the faeries Toni ...


  5. Is that lettuce in the second photo? It looks like it would have as many flavours in each bite as it has colours! What is it?

  6. ...and what's the purple thing in the first photo?

  7. Miriam - that is lettuce - the variety is called Flashy Troutback and I got the seed from Johnny's. It is a wonderful, mild tasting lettuce. It's the first year I've grown it, but, it won't be my last!

    Paula - that is creeping phlox. This pic is a close-up of the clusters it produces. We have it cascading over the rocks that surround the gazebo area.

    Kelly - for sure - don't piss off the faeries! haha

    I had a long but good hump day. Hope everyone's hump day was good but short!
    Thanks for the kind words as always.