Saturday, January 30, 2010

You know you're getting the knack of being a homesteader.....

When you have to remove the eggs from your coat pocket in order to get to your door keys!

When you go to close your coop up for the night and tell your chickens thanks for the eggs and then tell them "goodnight girls, I'll see you in the morning".

When find you can find your long underwear in the chest of drawers without opening your eyes.

When the path to your coop and gardens is well trodden and you're proud of it!

When popping into your wellies has become an art form.

When you have songs you can sing that have a rhythm that you can muck straw to.

And finally, you know you're getting the knack of being a homesteader when you pause to catch your breath from doing chores, look around at your little (or big) homestead and feel there is no other place you want to be in the world.


  1. Oh such a heart-warming post Toni - it sounds idyllic and worth all the hard work!

    Just posted a 'View from my kitchen window'.


  2. I'll sign that! Sounds like home.