Thursday, January 21, 2010

The girls say hello....

The girls just want to say hi and sorry we have been a little occupied of late. They promised to catch up with everyone's blogs and comments this weekend.

They've been hard at work and have had quite the busy social schedule.
Cluck, cluck, bwock - back to work!


  1. egg envy...i have terrible egg envy!!!

  2. Congratulations, on some lovely winter eggs!
    The hens look warm and happy. So, pretty!

  3. yes the do, look happy and pretty.

  4. Thanks for the warm comments about the girls.
    I guess it's like you said before, Callie, since they are first year layers they are still producing through winter - 2 to 6 eggs a day, which I would gladly share! Now if we only we a wee bit closer so we could do that :-