Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Only 90 more days.....

Until this.....

Just giving us all a wee bit of hope....

*variety is Jersey Giant and organically grown by my own little hands*


  1. Yum!! How old are your plants? I just want to know because my Jersey Giant crowns aren't even getting here until April and I want to know how long I'll have to wait until I can harvest mine organically grown by my little hands!!

    Try them how I had them in Germany, which I do frequently when they're in season: par-cook them in the microwave, (I usually used a glass loaf pan and plastic wrap, but now that I'm not using a microwave or plastic wrap as little as possible, I'll have to think of something else), then put them on an oven proof platter, cover with prosciutto or Westphalian ham, and grated Swiss or Gruyere cheese and heat until the cheese is melted. Oh gosh, I'm making myself hungry. Good thing it's lunchtime here, even if it isn't asparagus season.

  2. I've not grown asparagus, but I love the stuff. Had some store bought ones on the grill with olive oil, salt, and pepper the other night and they were superb!

  3. Paula - this year will be the fourth season for them. The first year after planting, we let all of them go to fern/seed. The second season we picked a very limited amount. Last year was the third season and well, lets just say it was party time. Third season is when you can harvest. I still let some go to fern.
    I'll have to try your recipe with prosciutto - yum!

    Chicken boys - on the grill is my favorite! Just like you said, little olive oil and s&p. I also like to bake them in the oven covered with a little olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Oh man - now I want asparagus!

  4. Oh no you didn't! I can't wait to plant asparagus crowns this year. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait a YEAR to harvest them! Those spears look perfect.