Friday, January 15, 2010

Peaceful Fridays......

Take time to look out your window and know you are still part of what's in sight.

Have a peaceful weekend, y'all........

*photo taken in Killnaboy, Co. Clare, Ireland


  1. I envy you your 3.5 acres. Re: raising your own meat- if you do that, you'll have to slaughter it, or have someone come do it for a fee. If you can source the good stuff (grass fed, free range, antibiotic and hormone free, etc.) close to home, by all means stick to that. Those farmer and ranchers need to be supported so they can continue to keep the family farm and do the right thing. I wish we had the same access. My husband and I will be buying a freezer this year so I can pop some of the garden's production in it (what I don't can or eat) and we're considering buying a quarter of a beef. But finding a humanely-raised one near home is more of a problem. You're lucky you have such resources!

  2. Thank you Toni for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment. You have a great blog here and I will enjoy taking a look around!


  3. Paula,
    You are right - we are lucky to have the small farms raising meat humanely and without all the gobble-de-gook. That's why we are so torn. We also have quite of number of CSA'a close by so we really could do all of our produce too. I just like doing it myself. Playing in the dirt is fun!

    Jeanne - Thanks for stopping by. I just found your blog and need to do some post catch-up.

    Thanks ladies!

  4. Lovely photo! You have a good weekend too.

  5. Thanks Callie! It will be - I'm playing music this weekend!