Monday, June 27, 2011

The block is here....

Blogger's block, that is.
I've been so busy with work and trying to keep up with things here on the homestead that I think I'm just too pooped to even think about writing or taking photo's.

I know I'm overwhelmed because I'm even losing my sense of humor!  And those who know me, know I have a right wicked one of those!

I'm sitting here typing trying to think of something witty or whimsical to prose about and I come up with nada.  It's a sad affair.  I can't even seem to wax lyrical about a cure for this cursed memory vacation.

My only hope is that it recovers quick - my brain, that is.
Until the gray cells begin to synapse again, I'll just have to be content to enjoy all of your non-memory failures.

See y'all soon!

photo courtesy of Google


  1. Hey Toni!! It happens to all of us, me more than it should! That's why I got a puppy so I'd have something to write about! Okay, not really, but if you grinned at that, then your sense of humor can't be that far away! :-))

  2. Take a break and enjoy life. In my past experience it only gets worse if you try to force writing.

    Eventually you'll be ready to come back. :)

    Take care, Toni!

  3. I think all of us should only write when we're moved to - and throw any sense of obligation out the window. Don't worry if you're not feeling inspired right now - the muse will come back, and so will we!

  4. I agree with Miriam- only write when you're moved to.

    Love the pic!

  5. Toni, your displayed photo shows that you have plenty of sense of humor lurking within you! But, I understand, some days are find us mentally sizzled.

  6. Happens all the time! Just breathe out and breathe in. You'll be back.