Friday, July 1, 2011

Peaceful Fridays.....

 "I smell berries!  I wonder if I can sneak a few?"

 " you gotta know just how to pick the ripe ones.  Sometimes you have to stretch real far to get the good ones."

 " Oh, boy, more here.  Num, num, num.  I could eat these all day."

 "Uh, oh - I think I've been spotted."
"I'll just look indifferent.  Yeah, that's what I'll do.  Maybe then she'll look away and I can eat more berries."

" I don't think it worked.  Drats...  Mom says to leave some berries for the humans, but, I can help sniff out all the ripe ones for her to pick."

"Oh, boy!  I know this means I'll get more berries!
Did I mention that I love berries?  Did I mention that it's the weekend and a long one, too?  Go pick some berries with your human.  It will be scrumptious and fun!"

Have a peaceful weekend, y'all......

*Nuala (and Shane RIP) have always help me "pick" the berries.  She and Shane were experts at picking only the ripe ones ever so gently of f the vines. I love the fact that Shane taught her how.  It keeps his memory alive and going strong with every berry she eats.*


  1. What a great looking dog. Great captions.

  2. Haha. That's just great! :)

  3. Clever dog! Our Frankie picks apples off low-hanging branches of the tree, but not to eat - to play B-A-L-L! He does go hunting for strawberries, but he isn't as gentle with the plants as Nuala. Does she give lessons?

  4. Our blackberries are ripe. I'm so glad neither of our dogs seems interested. I want them all for myself. Nice pictures.

  5. Our blackberries are done and the dogs and I really enjoyed them this year, we had so many!! Now the wine berries are ripening, and I wish I knew something to do with them, but I don't.

    THANK YOU for your thoughtful e-mail, I appreciate your kind words and friendship Toni! Enjoy your weekend!!

  6. Very very cute. I had no ideas dogs ate berries. Every day I know more about what I don't know

  7. Wow! a dog that picks and eats berries - are they blackberries? How unusual is that.
    Whenever you write about your dear old Shane it makes me sad as our Border Collie Baker (who is 14 )has really started to go downhill -losing his sight and very sore from arthrytis in his back and hind legs. I fear we won't have him with us for much longer.
    Not so cheery
    PS the hammer has been returned to the cupboard

  8. That's really sweet! Having dogs around is very comforting, isn't it?

    I had a friend in high school whose parents grew raspberries on the fence, and their Chinese pug would eat all the berries she could reach. So, not so unheard of.

    Have a great long weekend!

  9. So sweet, Toni, and I love the photos :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    I just got back from a trip to London, and besides that I haven't been so active around the blog world lately. I have missed visiting your blog, so nice to read here again.

    Have a lovely weekend you too :)

  10. This is hysterical. The berry-eating-dog made me smile! I'm sure it's a lot of fun for to search for these little treasure treats!

  11. So funny. I'm another who had no clue dogs would love berries. But why not! They're good food!