Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nellie goes jingle-jangle.....

 This is Nervous Nellie, our last Barred Rock hen.  If you recall, I lost one Barred Rock last summer to heat and another to predation, so, that makes Nellie kinda special.
She's a chatty girl who constantly is giving something or someone lip.  She's the first one I hear in the morning and the last one to quiet down at night.  She patrols the coop and run like a sentry on guard duty.

Nellie is special for other reasons, too.

She has spurs.  Yep, a hen with spurs.

(click on the pic for a better view)

I don't know if this is a common occurrence with hens or not, but, this may explain her protectiveness and constant sentry duty. 
Thankfully she's a nice hen, though a little nervous, hence her name.

Maybe all the cackling is her just singing.  Maybe she's proud that she has spurs and wants to sing it to the world.  Maybe she's a Gene Autry or Tex Ritter fan and likes to belt this little diddy out all day and night:

I've got spurs that jingle jangle jingle, as I go riden merrily along,sing oh aintchya glad your single and that song aint so very far from wrong.

Who knows what Nellie has to say, but, I'm stickin' with my story of singing out loud.
We could all use a little Nellie in our lives.
Singing to the world ain't such a bad thing.....



  1. Oh golly- we used to sing that one in the fourth grade. I can remember the rest of the tune! This is gonna drive me nuts.

    How interesting that Nellie has spurs. (And now I know what they are.)

  2. I want a Nellie when we get chickens. :)

  3. She certainly is pretty so if she has a good voice too then that 's good. Hope she also produces a few good eggs to earn her keep

  4. Toni, Nellie certainly looks like a sentry, and looks like she takes that job pretty seriously!!

    While I was reading your post, that song was going through my head--How is it I can remember something from so long ago but I have no idea where my keys are?

  5. I love Nellie. The look on her face says "Queen of this roost."

  6. Such a pretty hen. That is the breed of chicken I remember from my childhood. Brings back good memories.