Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hurry up.....

and ripen!

We have three blueberry bushes that are four years old and the harvest keeps getting better and better each year.  Three different varieties that will ripen at slightly different times.  This was sheer luck planting different varieties at the time because we hadn't a clue on growing blueberries.  Seems they like this multi-cultural setting to cross pollinate. 

We love blueberries so much that we planted seven more this year.  They're just wee little things, so, we don't expect any fruit for a couple of years.  Finger crossed we don't lose any.

How are your blueberries doing this year?
What varieties do you have growing?
Do you soil test for acidity or just plant and hope?

I'd love to hear all about your little "blueberry" babies.

Happy hump day!


  1. We tried a couple of blueberry plants one year and they died pretty quickly. I'm guessing they didn't like that this area used to be salt marsh or some such - so I've been told.

    Oh well. There are fields where we can pick if we want to, or just buy in the store. Or farmer's market. :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. I have seven dwarf blueberries that were all chosen to ripen at different times so that the season would be extended. Except they all have berries on them. They do seem to be sporting more fruit this year though. One thing I'm kind of disappointed in is that they aren't getting any bigger. I was expecting at least a little growth on them. So I'm thinking about moving them to more ornamental spots out front next winter when they go dormant and replanting with full sized bushes.

    I didn't trust the clay, so I incorporated a full bale of peat moss when I planted them.

    LindaG should find that blueberries do great in containers, so don't give up on them!

  3. We have a gazillion blueberry bushes of about 8 different varieties, ripening at different times. Last year's harvest was pretty good - this year most of the bushes we planted last year didn't even flower. We were quite careful with the pH of the soil, so I'm not sure what the scoop is. Time to pull out the textbooks and do some research, me thinks...

    Don't you just love blueberries?

  4. We have 8 plants, and there's at least 6 different varieties. We planted ours in old wine half-casks. Didn't test the soil, just mixed in a little peat and called it good. They seem pretty happy, and we're looking forward to a couple handfuls of berries later this season (just put the plants in this spring).

  5. Something else I have been thinking about planting...I have noticed the first of our blackberries are ripening today, and I am really excited!!

    I hope you're finding ways to stay cool on your side of the Potomac!!!