Sunday, September 12, 2010

Punkin' processing....

Fall must be around the corner if you're starting to process your pumpkins for the freezer.
The hubster and I started processing some of them last night, and , by the amount of pumpkins we harvested, it will continue for a few nights to come!
I grew a heirloom variety of small sugar pumpkin with seeds I purchased from Seeds of Change.
They performed beautifully, even with the soaring temperatures and drought we've experienced this gardening season.
We wash the pumpkins, quarter them, remove the string pulp and seeds.

Save the seeds for roasting....
The seeds pictured above have not been cleaned yet to roast.

After the pumpkin has been cleaned, put them on a baking sheet skin side up.

Roast in a 350 degree oven for about 50 minutes or until tender.

Once roasted, remove from oven and let cool enough until you can handle them. Peel the rind/skin off and then cut the flesh for processing in your food processor, blender, or if you're feeling really strong, your potato masher.

The puree should look something like this.

I add one more step which I did not take a picture of. I take the puree and put it in a strainer on top of a bowl or other large container to catch the excess water and let it sit in the fridge overnight to drain. The next day, freeze as you wish in either freezer bags or containers.

I freeze in variety of sizes so I can just pull one out of the freezer for baking, soup, etc.

Like I mentioned before, we've got a ways yet to go.

I see muffins in my near future!


  1. What about pumpkin pie?

    Thanks for the tips! :)

  2. I was just telling Steve that I'll probably harvest before this Wednesday, which is when rain is expected next.

    Not sure I have enough room in the freezer, though. I was going to leave them under along the north wall of the kitchen.

    Maybe I'll process some and pressure can the pulp. But thanks for an idea of how to do it!

  3. I would like some, please! My winter squash aren't ready to harvest yet, and with all the grey, rainy days we've been having I'm not sure they will! Well, if there's anything year #2 in the garden has taught me, it's to appreciate whatever bounty comes your way, because it may not return next year!

  4. Pumpkin anything, and I'm there!! You make it look so easy! :-)) I'd heard there was a shortage of pumpkins this year and canned from the store was going to be at a premium--Looks like you'll be all set! I hope you've had a good weekend--Wasn't that rain nice to get?

  5. I grow pumkins this year too, and I harvested four today.
    This post is very inspirational! I think I'll try this. Usually all I do is baking pumpkin muffins for Halloween, but this year I'll try to make puree too :)

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.
    Hope you have a good week!

  6. Mmmmm...I've never grown pumpkins, or got them ready for the freezer. BUt I make pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving every year. Sadly, I use canned pumpkins.