Monday, September 20, 2010

Holding on.....

I wonder, is this the queen? Is she foraging on late summer flowers for overwintering?
Or, is she just holding on and enjoying the ride upon the delicate petals blowing her towards Autumn?
I wonder....


  1. Queens don't gather- only workers do. After mating (which she does on only one flight in her life, but with more than one drone), all she ever does is lay eggs, which is why I would never want to be Queen Bee- what a boring existence!

    Nope- it's the one consolation of the worker bee- getting to wander from flower to flower and enjoy the sunshine and breezes. But then, she's also taking all the risk!

  2. I had to grin at Paula's comment because someone just called the girls and I that I work with 'worker bees.' In reading what she/Paula said, she's right--I drive to work every day in traffic on beautiful days and I don't mind the drive, but I take the risk and hope that some nut doesn't run me off the road--Somedays I'd love to just 'be the Queen!' :-))

  3. Great photo Toni. I agree with Paula - I wouldn't want to be the Queen Bee at all!


  4. Paula - you're right as far as queens don't gather with the exception of the queen bumblebee. Once everyone but herself has died off in the fall and before she has laid eggs in the spring, she will go feed. I don't know if that's true for honey bees...

    I wouldn't want to be queen at all either! Though my husband probably wouldn't mind being king...

    Kim - I look at it as working for the "pharaoh" in a jesting kind of way! I'm self employed and I still joke that I have to go work for the pharaoh! Thankfully I only have to drive to an office two days a week around Metro DC and the rest of the time I work out of my home office. If I had to commute everyday, well, I don't know what I would do. It's an hour and a half on a good day each way... ugh!

    Jeanne - thank you for the compliment! To be honest, it was just a lucky shot!

  5. I like bees :) Fabulous photo, Toni, the bee really seem to like the phlox!
    It's interesting to see that this bee looks a little bit different from the bees living over here.