Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life in rural areas....

I know it's only Tuesday, but, it has been one of those weeks already. The culprit is work, for the most part, but, it has me feeling like we should be a lot further on in the week than where we are.

Today is one of my travel days into the main office I contract with and with that being said, it means an hour and a half drive into the office. I won't lie - I usually dread the drive, especially once I leave my county and get closer to the city. But, today, someone smiled upon me. Or, maybe my inner goddess was nudging me internally to open my eyes really wide.

Twice today I had to pull over to let combines pass by on the road. I waited patiently for these huge machines to manipulate their way around cars, telephone and electricity poles, mail boxes, and other incidentals that border the tarmac. They and their drivers amaze me. I cannot help but smile when the pass and the only rational explanation I have is that deep down inside me they rouse a reminder to slow down and look around. And, I did just that on the remainder of my ride into the city - windows down on the last day of summer, enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass and fodder. No CD in the player, nothing on the radio, just the wind in my ear with the occasional sound of another vehicle passing. It was almost bliss. I told myself that on the arduous drive home I would do the same. I wasn't disappointed.

Up in the sky was a colorful hot air balloon slowly moving with the wind current. Whoever it was in the balloon was probably doing the same thing I was but from a different vantage point. It was gliding over open farm land on a beautiful evening un-obstructed from traffic lines and bumper to bumper vehicles. Through the curves of the road I was able to keep it in sight for about 15 minutes. Again, I smiled. It was a wonderful way to end a cruddy day stuck inside under artificial lights, ringing telephones, and a demanding work load.

After I got home, I sat in my car for just a few more of those peaceful moments and thought to myself - where else other than life in rural areas will you start your day with combines, green and brown fields, and the smell of fresh cut fodder then end your day imagining you could float above these fields in a hot air dream....

I've been a city girl, a villager, and a country girl. All have a special place in my heart, but, none as such as life in a rural area.


  1. That's a lovely image for anyone to hold in their minds on a challenging day: a hot air balloon floating easily and gracefully over it all, too high to see the day-to-day crap, but not too high that all the beauty is lost. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  2. I really do agree with you!! I drive about an hour into work everyday and when I return to my neck of the woods, I feel like I have totally left the city behind and it makes the long drive each way and each day worth it! I hope you have a good Wednesday!

  3. I think there are plenty of people out there who will agree with you - and envy you !

  4. Such a lovely image to hold onto when the pressures of work seem too much.

    That's a fairly long drive Toni - good thing you don't have to do it everyday - the joys of being self employed!