Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Remember this?......

High of 101 degrees F forecasted for today......


  1. Wow you really do get both extremes don't you.
    Hope you can find a place to cool off.

  2. Yes, I do remember that from February!! The weather is broke!!!

  3. love the picture... can imagine the hot temps make you wish you could just enjoy a day of snow...

  4. I remember that from years ago! ;)
    Haven't lived anywhere recently that gets that kind of snow any more.

    I can commiserate with you about the heat though!

  5. Eesh! Is a little moderation too much to ask for?! As in a balmy 75 degrees, clear blue sky, gentle breeze? I hope you have lots of lemonade in your fridge to get you through the hot spell...

  6. I do remember that. Now you have to think cool. We had a week of heat in the 100 degree the week of June 20th.

  7. It's funny you would post this, because as we both have been hit with this heat-wave, I have been trying to decide which one I prefer. Right now I'm leaning towards preferring the heat. We got snowed in & our electricity went out, and I was a bit more miserable, but not by much. But we'll see how I feel in another day or two! ~Stay cool!!~

  8. We could use a little of that coolness right now even if its just inour imaginations...
    Hot here too and we''re wilting away with each passing hour.Just keeping the gardens happy with the water from the rain barrels is a challenge.
    Stay cool.
    Susan x

  9. i will take the snow over this heat wave any day!