Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm all ears......

Just a quick peek at what's happening in the gardens....


  1. Your corn looks a lot like mine, and your cukes look better (easier to see) but your pumpkin looks great! I finally started getting pumpkins- I thought they were all going to be a bust, but I don't have any color on them yet like you do!

    You remind me that I need to get some straw....

  2. Lovely pics! My corn is about at that stage too. Since this is my first time growing it, I'm anxious to see how they germinated.

    You're cucumber plants look very healthy. Mine have rust issues at the moment.

  3. It all looks so darn abundant! I'm trying to grow cucumbers this year for the first time and I'm not sure I'll be successful - the plants have only just started flowering, so it seems to me I'm running out of time! Are those rudbeckia? The perfect cure for a bad day!

  4. Very nice to see you are getting a good harvest from your garden. Beautiful!

  5. Oh Toni, everything looks so nice in your garden and I love the color on the pumpkin! I stopped at a small farm stand on our road today and bought some beautiful squash that they had--I asked and they said no cucumbers yet...I can't wait! :-)
    Hope you're having a good week!

  6. You garden has earned an award at


  7. Love the colour coming on the pumpkin. Everything looks pretty lush in spite of the heat.
    Corn pudding would be perfect made from those yummy cobs ripe for the picking.
    Susan x