Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chicken with its head cut off.......

That would be me and how I've been feeling. Now, don't get me wrong, most of this running around has been for the better good of my sanity and the rest I think they call it life.

I realized yesterday that I haven't had my camera out for a stroll since the 6th of July. Why? Because quite frankly, I'm knackered by the heat. I don't seem to be fairing well with it this year at all. Maybe it's because we haven't had a blasted break from the heat. I do have to say that at least we had a little rain over the past week! Whoo hoo! Mother Nature gave me a brief break from watering - at least for today!

We've been doing the usual summer things - going to cookouts, seeing friends, playing music - you know, the ususal hippie stuff....

I was able to take some half days from work to take a whistle class at Common Ground on the Hill summer workshops this year with Sean Gray of the Paul McKenna Band. It's nice to have a good teacher and a good guy to boot. Taking the class made me realize how rusty I really am on the whistle! But, I was able to walk away with four new tunes, one of which is an original tune written by Sean and his sister, Robyn.

I also participated in the celtic session there which was hosted by the entire band. We picked up tunes from them and they picked up some from us. Ah, this is what sessions are all about!

Speaking of sessions, the session the bandmates and I host at O'Lordans Irish Pub was graced this past Wednesday with three visiting musicians from Scotland - Tom Smith, Frank McGuire, and Paul Creighton. We had a blast! And, that's an understatement.

I always get nervous when professional musicians play at our session since none of us are of the same caliber. I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the evening to be told by Tom Smith that we have a really good session! That is the second best compliment we've gotten about the session. The best compliment we've ever received was from a group of folks sitting at a table having some libation while we played. When they got up to leave, a kind gentleman walked over to the circle of musicians and told us "it's just like being in a pub in Doolin". If any of you have been to Doolin in Co. Clare, Ireland, you know it's one of the largest hot spots for traditional music. I don't believe the compliment could ever get better than that!

The weekend after the classes at Common Ground is the Roots and Arts Festival hosted by the same. So, hubsters and I popped into see some good music and just hang out for a bit. We also went to a bonfire party at our friends over at Green Akeys for some homegrown food, friendship, and some more music! It was just a lovely evening surrounded by friends, old and new, the sound of children playing outside, and a lot of songs sung from Dylan!

Last weekend found us at one of our favorite venues to play music and go listen to music - The Beans in the Belfry. Our friends, The Craggy Island Band were playing so we thought we'd go hang out on one of the sofa's there and listen to what they've been up to. We weren't disappointed! They are such great fun.

Sunday found us at Cheshire Farms so the hubsters could do a bodhran workshop with Albert Alfonso - a drummer and drum maker. ( On a side note - all these cookouts have been helping me get rid of my zucchini - zucchini pie, zucchini cake - you get the picture.) While hubsters was off beating his drum, I was engaged in a great conversation with the farm owner (also a bodhran player and musician) about the underground railway in our area. She is such a history buff and I have my moments - especially when it comes to local history. So, we chatted for a couple of hours about the routes taken, safe houses in the area, and the most interesting part for me - quilt codes or I should say, the debate around quilt codes.
Once again, an enjoyable day.

Tonight, the band is getting together for a photo shoot in our Renaissance clothing for our publicity photo for performing at this years Maryland Renn Faire. Maybe, and that's really a maybe, if they aren't too horrible and if there isn't too much cleavage, I'll post one. Maybe.

Next week - we're off to Elkins, WV to go hang out for Irish Week at the Augusta Heritage Center. A few blissful evenings immersed in playing Irish music, drinking plenty of Guinness, and not getting back to the hotel until 4 or 5am. It's an atmosphere that is hard to describe unless you've been there.
We'll meet up with friends we've made over the years and chat, play tunes, swap songs, and maybe even dance a little! For sure, the craic will be grand! (for definition of craic, go here )

So, there you go! Chicken running around with its head cut off.... that's me!

Isn't it a grand thing?


  1. I thought this post was going to be about offing chickens!! You sly girl- you had me going.

    Glad you're having such a good time with your music!

  2. I feel for you in the heat!
    Glad you have been having some good times though. :)

  3. Crickey! Now you've been busy but it all sounds like great fun.
    I know how the heat can get you down. It just tires you out doesn't it? A wet cloth around the neck helps.

  4. Holy smokes, you've been busy! And with such wonderful things, too: people, music, fun. I've never been to Ireland, but I have been to a ceilidh in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, which I understand is pretty darn close to the real thing. What a lot of fun that was!

  5. I do think it's better to be running around and being productive than being stuck at home with the snow! You have been busy, but it sounds like you are having a wonderful time despite all the brutal heat!

  6. Well, be sure and get enough rest what with all the running around you are doing. Glad you are able to do the things you love.

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