Friday, July 16, 2010

Peaceful Fridays.....

Do you ever just want to go and " hide away" somewhere where no one can find you? Just for a little peace and quiet and defrag time?

Well, I'd like to spend about a month here....just you, some bordie collies, and the Burren.
Have a dream filled, peaceful weekend, y'all..........

*This is the infamous "Father Ted" house in Co.Clare, Ireland. And it is truly surrounded by nothing but the Burren. If you've never heard of the tv show Father Ted or the Burren, give Google a go and get a wrinkle today. You know, you get a new wrinkle when you learn something on a Friday*


  1. Hope you have a peaceful weekend, too! :)

  2. I would change the description slightly to: just me, an Aussie who has miraculously stopped barking at everything that moves, and a peaceful place with no weeding or watering to do, nothing to fix, noting to paint and nothing to build. If that could be arranged I would be really grateful... Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. As long as I had an internet connection I think I'd be happy there for awhile too!!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. That is a pretty place. Hope you had you peaceful weekend.

  5. I loved Father Ted. It is indeed a beautiful place.