Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chicken memories.......

There has been a lot of chicken stories and debates on whether or not to get chickens that I decided to share my blog entry from last year about my first year with "the girls"..

You can read it if you like here...


  1. That is one gorgeous coop - makes ours look a little...shabby.

    How old were your chickens when you took them out to the coop? The woman we got our chicks from said they'd be off heat at about 4 weeks, so not before that, but when?

    Every picture I have ever seen of a weird looking 3 week old chicken makes me think of my school photos when I was 12 or 13...

  2. Thanks so much for sharing that with us. (Loved the pink background. ;) )
    I read as much as I can, and enjoy reading about the chickens (and other fowl) that others keep.
    We won't be able to have any until we actually retire, but when we do, I know I will have the same worries.
    That is a great chicken coop. :)

  3. hi...just found you and signed on to follow! great blog!

  4. How cute and what a good looking new home they got to move to when they got bigger.

  5. They sure have grown up! I really like the set up that you've put together. I definitely have to do a lot more research.