Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How we spend our summers.....

Come on in past the wild wisteria and take a peek at the chaos know as "the backyard".

But first, a quick snack...

While I'm picking some of the blackberries, I hear a voice in the distance...past all the berry bushes, past the gardens, past the chickens. Who is that little white dot down at the entrance to the meadow? Oh, it's just the hubsters telling me to save him some berries!

Once we make it past all the grabbing wisteria vines, we have a little pathway to get us to the decks. Mind the wee wee spots! After all, this is dog territory!

C'mon up to the lower deck aka "the party barge". This spot is know for consuming large amounts of food and spirits and sometimes, a little waltzing under the moonlight.

Finnegan keeps guard to keep all the nasties away so you have a good time during your visit. Oh, and he also says aren't the hydrangeas looking fine?

They are in much better shape than the pond and the gazebo! But, once inside the gazebo with all the twinkle lights, you'll forget the bushy mess around you and fall under the enchantment of the privacy the trees that surround it give you. It's a great place for meditation!
(Warning for the over 50's age group - the sound of the water will make you have to pee)

Not only do we have the "party barge" which is the large deck on the right, we have two other areas of decking and the porch that you can sit a spell and kick back.
The deck on the left is the place to go to relax in the hot tub. When you come out, sit at the table and enjoy the peat burning in the chiminea and dream of the Emerald Isle!
Once you're totally relaxed, hubster will be on the middle deck grilling up a storm! Ribs, chicken, filet - he'll grill it and you'll feel good about eating it because it's all local and grass fed!
Tea lights surround you on all the deck railings - because after all, it's all about "the mood"...

And, if you're into more of the granny rock, we can oblige you with a couple of rocking chairs or some comfy wicker up on the back porch! We aim to please!
We're glad you stopped on by. Just remember, we only have one spare bedroom so we'll have to take y'all on shifts!


  1. Hahaha...I love it. Not a bad way to spend your summers. I'd trade in my office chair for that rocking chair any day.

  2. Wow! You totally got it right- lots of outdoor space and only one spare bedroom!

  3. I would come just for the twinkly lights. Okay, for the good company and music, too. And I guess the food and drink. Sounds like you need an extra guest room!

    I think I gotta go get me some twinkly lights...

  4. looks delightful . Move over everyone I'm on my way !!!

  5. Wonderful. :) You have a gorgeous place!

  6. Look great! I'll bet there are some good little fairies in all the bushes around the gazebo.

  7. When can I come over!! You have a great entertaining space - which is even dwarfed by your huge garden! What a place for summer parties.