Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love your peaches.....

"gonna shake your tree"
At least that't what Donovan sang. Me, I'll just wait for Ms. Georgia Belle above to grant me permission to pick her sweet, juicy fruits.


  1. Oh, they do look lush. Do you have pests like fruit flies over there to deal with?

  2. oh how yummy! i love fresh peaches!

  3. They're looking really good!

  4. The look great, and I'm sure you're thinking of all the possibilities they'll bring too!!

  5. I thought it was Steve Miller?

    I wanted to do peaches, and planned to espalier them in a fan shape against the outdoor kitchen which hasn't been built yet so I didn't order the peaches with everything else. Then I nixed the outdoor kitchen idea (long story). So now I'm not sure where to put them when I get around to ordering them. Also not sure I'll do peaches, because I'm mighty partial to nectarines.

    But boy! do I love peach cobbler and peach pie!!!

    Hey- do you have to worry about peach leaf curl and what do you do about it?

  6. I thought it was Steve Miller too - great song.

    Those peaches are going to be delicious!

    Just having a catch up - I've been a lazy blogger recently ...


  7. Peaches! There's nothing like nibbling on a peach with the juice running down your chin... Yesterday we had two peach trees and today we have one. Awful, terrible peach leaf curl decimated one of the trees - granted, it was a little, misshapen stick of a thing with one droopy branch that we rescued after it had been given up for dead, but it did give us a couple of peaches last year. Today we put it out of its misery...

  8. Okay - it was Steve Miller! Doh! I have no clue why Donovan popped into my head.

    I love peaches and they are definitely worth dealing with the pests. We have more problems with wilt than bugs. A mixture of apple cider vinegar, molasses, and a little dish detergent mixed into a gallon of water helps with pests and fungal disease. I was also told, although I have never done it, is to add liquid seaweed to the mixture also. We've also just used plain old soapy water to help with bugs, but, you have to spray it just about everyday to be effective.
    So far, these trees are pretty healthy and pest free. The cherry trees seem to have attracted deer and they are nibbling happy away - ugh!
    So, there you have it. I probably just jinxed it.