Friday, October 23, 2009

Idiocy sucks.....

I'm an idiot. Sometimes I can't even believe how much of an idiot I can be. See, it goes like this - I've lost almost 10 years of my digital photos. Gone, vamoose, out the window. The cause is most likely Vista.
The kids were over for supper on Sunday so we decided after we filled our bellies we'd go get comfy and watch a slide show of photos from our trip to Ireland last month. Well, my computer doesn't have a HMDI slot, but, my husbands does, so we figured we'd just plug in my external hard drive that I store my photos on into his computer and then off we'd go. Didn't give it a second thought - he has the same type of external hard drive - unplug his, plug in mine. Right off the bat it didn't recognize my drive. (Why, oh why, didn't my little red flags start waving?) I told him, no prob, just reboot. He did, it recognized my drive, and then dutifully dumped everything on the drive. I'll never forget these words as long as I live - deleting orphan file ####. It happened so fast that by the time we reacted it was gone. So, here's where the idiocy part comes into play. I should have had a back up. I should have known this. Hell, I'm sure subconsciously I did. But, I didn't and now they're gone. Elton John's Funeral for a Friend comes to mind at the moment and I'm not sure why.
I've been told not to give up hope that there may be someone or something that still may be able to find them. So I'm holding onto hope. At this point there's nothing to lose. But, in the meantime I'll just have to grab my Nikon and start making new memories - this time with a back up.

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