Monday, May 9, 2011

Warning...woolly cuteness ahead....

Part one of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

The hubsters and I had a day to ourselves and ventured out for a day of wool, wool, and well, more wool.

 We saw: sheep chillin'

 Baa, baa, black sheep

 Stately rams

 Sheep getting sheared

 Hungry sheep

 Just way too cute sheep

 Sleepy sheep

 Many horned sheep

 Sheep that even get their um, do-dads sheared and trimmed

 Sheep that don't want to get sheared

 Horny sheep

 Shy sheep

 Laughing sheep

And my favorite - Shetland babies.

Can you say awwwww.......

To be continued....


  1. The sheep pictures were a treat! I found the sheep with horns interesting. Cheri

  2. Wow. Never saw a sheep with 4 horns before.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. :)

  3. You didn't find a sheepish sheep!

    Very cute. Are you guys thinking about adding sheep to the mix?

  4. I can say awwww! I love the sheep.