Thursday, May 26, 2011

Too much excitement for a middle-aged woman.....

 Remember that really big egg from a couple of weeks ago?

 Well, the time finally came to find out how many yolks was inside.
I said one huge yolk.  Others said a double yolk.

 Hubsters doing the honors....
drum roll, please.....

 It was a double yolker!  Good thing I didn't lay down any cash on this!

All this excitement has done me in.  I think I'll need to sit here for a while with an adult beverage or two.
Yeah, two.  Two yolks, two drinks.
Seems fitting somehow....


  1. Great porch! "Two yolks- two drinks"-too funny!

  2. Some day, when I grow up, I'm going to have a comfy porch, too.

    Not so sure on the double yolks, though....

  3. Oh, I wish my porch looked like that. Right now it's a construction zone, complete with new yet-to-be-installed bathtub, old not-yet-gone-to-the-dump sink and toilet, assorted chicken brooders, dirty knee pads and, of course, mucky boots! Enjoy that drink!

  4. You could have had two prairie chicken shots! Wild Turkey, a raw egg and a dash of tabasco.

    (Not Annette) - Mike

  5. What an egg! I never had a two yolked egg with my chickens, Lol Cheri
    back to larkrise

  6. We LOVE our porch! And, Mike, that drink sounds way too healthy, not to mention if I did two shots I'd never be able to leave the porch!

  7. Gosh, your porch looks so inviting. Great place to celebrate those double yolkers!.