Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Romance - the homesteading way....

Who says romance is dead?

These were my birthday present from the hubsters.  I've always wanted a really nice, warm pair of muck boots and being the sensitive guy he is and really knowing who I am, he indulged and got me a pair.
I am as happy as a hen who fears not that the sky is falling.

Chores are more pleasant with warm toes!

Nothing really new here at the homestead for the moment.  Getting ready to place a few seed orders and still researching meat breed chickens.  We're leaning toward the cornish cross for our first meat birds.  They seem the best for us first timers and with a little extra attention we can get them to a good weight without over stressing their frames. 

Once the football playoffs and Superbowl are over, the hubsters can change his focus to building a suitable chicken tractor for them.  :0)

So, until then, we will spend our time together with the roar of the crowd on t.v. as our background music while scouring seed catalogs, planning the gardens and seed starting times, drawing layouts of the property, and researching the critters we want to add to our little homestead.  There will be a fire in the woodstove and a pint or two of stout along the way.

Romance - the homesteading way. 
I'll take it anyday over French restaurants and red roses.


  1. I love the boots. They look like a great pair. Now that the college football is ended, I am weening myself off football. Still have a few pro playoffs, then we move on.

  2. Sounds good to me. Happy Birthday, Toni!

  3. Actually, come to think of it, my husband did the same thing? I just remembered that I got a box from Duluth Trading for my birthday that had a pair of flannel-lined overalls (for my winter good overalls), a pair of fire hose overalls (for working) and a pair of muck boots (not made by the Muck Boot Company, but very needed).

    It is really romantic when they get you, isn't it?

  4. I traded in high heels for a pair of boots just like yours! Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday to you, Toni! And I completely agree about the joys of romance the homesteading way. That meal in the French restaurant would be over in a couple of hours, but the pleasure of each other's company, the warm fire and your warm toes will last forever!

  6. Your way of life sounds good to me. And I too would get excited over new boots such as those.

  7. I think its' great! In fact, I got a pair of winter barn boots from my husband for Christmas. I absolutely love them. He also gave me some fuzzy warm going-to-town boots. I couldn't have been happier. Enjoy yours!

  8. I agree Toni, and I love the boots!
    Happy birthday :-)

  9. It sounds perfect to me Toni! I'm loving your boots. My favourite Christmas present from my OH were some gorgeous snug socks. I wear them with pride under my Hunter wellies:-) What has country living done to us!!!

    Happy Birthday!


  10. Isn't it wonderful to reach a point in your marriage when a new pair of Muck Boots REALLY IS the perfect gift? I loved the post.

  11. I love your new boots and my husband is envious of your tractor! Belated birthday wishes :)