Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blizzard insurance.....

 This was my road during the February 26, 2010 blizzard.

 This was the path to the chicken coop.

This is the insurance that we would never have back to back blizzards ever again.

After reading about how so many of you are dealing with snow, I thankfully look back to our expensive  wise decision to take the plunge and create a worth-while debt.  
I'm happy to report we've used it for other uses a lot more than for removing snow.   It's aces when it comes to cutting the grass and a pleasure to drive.  It has power steering, man o' man, and I have less callouses because it does.  It's knocked about an hour and a a half off of mowing time, too! 
We have a post hole attachment which came in handy for fencing the new raised bed garden and will be even more handy when we start fencing the rest of the property.  And let me tell you, I am REALLY grateful for that.  You see, I learned a valuable lesson with a rented two-man gas post hole digger.  I learned that you can fly , but, your internal organs stay where you where before the rest of you went on the trip.  Long story short - we hit a rock, the post hole digger jammed, and a 5'2" woman went flying through the yard!
We've also used it to grade for the greenhouse, re-arrange the compost bin, move mulch and soil, and let our city friends take a ride and feel like they are a part of a Green Acres skit... 

So, if'n you'd like some blizzard insurance, run on out and git yerself one. 

We haven't had a blizzard since we did.

Oops, it's only January, right???
Maybe I should have kept my jowls from flappin' too soon...


  1. Maybe. But a tractor's a great investment. Good on ya.

  2. Got something like it. Actually, we had something like it last year and still got slammed!Oh, well. That's winter for you.

  3. They kept saying on our news that 'we dodged a bullet' with this snow, but I kind of wanted to get hit! But I really do like your year-round insurance!! Mine is just the new boots! :-)

  4. Oh, please - I want one too! My back and my biceps agree with the rest of me - this tractor would come in mighty handy!

    What kind is it? What did you get exactly?

  5. Paula - to be honest, I'm still torn whether or not this was a good investment. It has helped immensely, but, we probably could have rented one on the occasions we really needed the heavy help.

    Patrice - we got this after the blizzards last year. They couldn't deliver it for a bit because of the roads and we had to widen our driveway a bit - by hand - all 500+ ft. of it.

    Kim - I had enough last year that I won't mind if they keep missing us this year! And, your boots are stylin'.

    Miriam - It's a Kubota B2900 - 29hp diesel with a 5' bucket and a 60" mower deck. 3pt hitch for attachments and 3 cup holders... :0)
    Now, if it weren't so dang bumpy I could have a beverage while I was cutting.

    Mostly it keeps the little boy in the grown man happy. (although I quite like it too)

  6. A tractor is always a great investment. I wish we had gotten a front loader thingy like yours, but we didn't. Still.

    We love our post hole digger, too (we've even used it to plant a few pecan trees). It really cut the workload when my brother helped us build our porch! We did all the post holes with the tractor. :-)

    And my husband got a small attachment that is great for small trenches when you need to run a new water line, too!

    Use a bottle or cup with a cap on it. My husband has a tendency to get dehydrated so I always try to be sure he has a drink with him when he's out 'hogging'. ;-)

  7. Linda - love the "out hogging". Gotta use that one! I don'tknow if I want to tell my husband he can buy more attachements....

  8. Good grief. And I thought our 7 and 1/2 inches was a lot. Great insurance!